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Christian College

Summerland Christian College is committed to providing a supportive, Christian environment to pursue academic excellence, whilst partnering with you, as families, to seek your child’s unique pathway in life.

“We are the only school your child needs,
offering enrolments from Pre – Kindy to Year 12.”

Trindy children playing with blocks


Providing students a stimulating play-based program, aimed at developing school readiness skills in literacy and numeracy and enabling a seamless transition into Kindergarten.



summerland christian college students


Our College recognises the importance of laying strong foundations in the early years within a personalised, proactive and encouraging environment, setting our students up for a love of learning.



Our staff place value on each individual, providing personalised education within a purpose built environment. Our hands on approach to education ensures resilient, agile thinkers, setting each student up to thrive in their future pathways.


Summerland Christian College Value’s

Personalised Education

We believe God has created every student with a unique set of gifts and distinctive potential. We are committed to providing unique pathways for each individual, enriching their development.

Partnering with Families

We believe students excel when parents and teachers combine for a tailored and supportive approach to their education.  We facilitate and encourage parental insights and participation in each child’s learning and academic progress.

Academic Achievement

We are committed to helping our students achieve outstanding academic results. We pursue excellence through innovative approaches to learning and by help­ing our students achieve their best.

Christ Centred

We believe students thrive best in a supportive Christian environment. We strive to create a caring and faith inspiring setting, based on God’s love.

The Living Word

We stand on the Word of God and its scriptures as foundational and life transforming. We believe that the Bible is God breathed and our handbook for wise choices and joyful living. We acknowledge our dependence on the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to live as God intended. We are Bible based. JOSH 1:8

Summerland Christian College offers a supportive Christian environment, whilst pursuing academic excellence and unique pathways for each individual.”